Physique Ultima ‘Inch Loss’

Create the ultimate body shape
The physique ultima uses microchip technology to target your body concerns. We can personalise a course of treatments to help achieve the ultimate body shape.

Body Wrap and Essential Facial

Contours Quickslim Body Wrap
Kick start your healthy eating and lifestyle routine.
This body wrap offers exfoliation and a massage with a thermal gel body wrap to help eliminate toxins, excess fluid and firm and tone loose tissue resulting in inch loss.

Body Scrub & Light Massage

We exfoliate the whole body leaving it soft and ready to absorb moisture from a light massage using an appropriate medium for your skin type.

Back Treatment

A facial for the back
We cleanse, exfoliate and remove blackheads from your back before applying a mask and moisturising..
This treatment is good for spotty backs, after the long winter months covered up or if you are going to wear a low cut back dress.