Aromatherapy Massage

A massage using a selection of natural essential oils chosen for their unique health-improving properties
After a consultation essential oils are selected according to your needs and likes.

Swedish Massage

A massage adapted specially for your individual needs
This relaxing massage, eases muscle tension, stimulates your blood flow and aids the removal of waste products.

Seated Massage

For your comfort
A back, neck and shoulder massage suitable for pregnant ladies and the less able bodied.

Hot Lava Shell Massage

Experience a warm, soothing and relaxing massage
We use warmed marine polished sea shells, the radiating heat from the shells releases tension as they glide over the skin leaving you feeling stress free and rejuvenated.

Hot Stone Massage

Total indulgence
Stone-shaped Basalt (volcanic) rock is heated and applied to the body. This powerful stone massage is carried out using aromatic oils and is especially good for muscular tension, promoting a harmonising and cleansing effect.

Indian Head Massage

Relieve stress and feel energised and revitalised
A very relaxing, deep massage to upper back, neck, scalp and face, which is customised with aromatherapy oils.

G5 Massage

Breakdown fatty deposits
A G5 massage is a  deep mechanical massage aiding the breakdown of fatty deposits and to also help alleviate cellulite.

Audio Sonic Massage

An extra treatment for muscle tension
The audio sonic massage offers a sound wave treatment that penetrates deep into the muscle fibres.