Resultime Collin

Resultime Collin is a scientific researched brand of skin care products using the latest biotechnology to develop and deliver a result driven skin care range. We have a wide range of products available for you to continue your skin care regime at home between salon treatments.

Katherine Daniels

Katherine Daniels is a new concept in delivering skin care at a simple BUT amazing effective level producing fabulous results partially for those with sensitive or fragile skin issues, and those concerned with dry, ageing skin. KD offers a collection of salon treatments and homecare products for your face and body. This is ideal for those who suffer with sensitive skin.


As technology evolves, Resultime & Katherine Daniels is constantly updating its products to bring you the very best skin care available for professional and retail use.



We also work with many well known brands such as; St Tropez, O.P.I, Nexgen, Sterex, Jane Iredale & Many More.